Should You Use Your CRM For Contract Management?

Introduction We’re sometimes asked by in-house teams whether they should use their CRM for contract management. We’ll use Salesforce as the focal point for this article because it is generally recognised as a leading CRM. Salesforce does have an in-built contract module which delivers basic functionality. For some companies, this might be enough. Let’s consider, […]

Must-Have Features Any Contract Management System Should Have

A contract can have many aspects to manage. A simple sales contract, for instance, will stipulate the purchase price, when the purchaser must pay the purchase price, and when the seller needs to deliver. It may also have other conditions relating to the sale. Not too complicated, right? But with more intricate contracts, things it […]

How A Contract Management System Can Help In Times Of Crisis

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has up-ended businesses all over the world with frightening speed. Freedom of movement restrictions, quarantining, and shutdowns are happening each day. Supply chain disruption – from manufacturing to distribution to consumption – is commonplace. In addition to the significant human toll of the pandemic, businesses are also facing challenges as they […]

How a Contract Management System can Facilitate Remote Working

Remote working, or telecommuting, has become increasingly common for knowledge industry workers in recent years. One study by IWG in 2018 found that as much as 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week. The proliferation of online tools like Slack and Zoom enable individuals who perform most of their work using computers – […]


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