Create, approve, sign and track contracts in just a few clicks


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Secure, AI-Powered Contracting Is Here

Next-generation, full-lifecycle contract management with a focus on security, simplicity, and speed.

Contract Automation

Reduce risk and improve compliance by generating perfectly formatted, error-free contracts every time.

Custom Workflows

Gain full visibility and control over the contract lifecycle by automating requests, approvals and signatures.

Contract Repository

Effortlessly file your contracts with AI-powered contract analysis, obligation tracking and reporting.

Security by Design

Security tests, ISO 27001 certification and in-built permissions protect the confidentiality of your contracts.

Connect with Other Core Business Systems

What Makes Aerofiler Different?

Rapid Learning AI

AI that accurately learns about your contracts with only a few examples


Every feature is designed with usability as the primary focus

Ease of Setup

Set in minutes and import thousands of contracts within hours


Every feature is implemented in ways that save time, rather than add work


Pricing and functionality that scales with your business, no matter the size


Powerful customisability provides flexibility without sacrificing usability

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The results are rather dramatic…we’re now able to support some basic and more complex contract searches, data extraction, enabling both legal and business with information to make decisions which previously were not possible.
Mark Nishihara, Legal Operations Manager at Sophos

It definitely has made things more organised. Information is more easily accessible – I spend less time going through many folders in my computer and the reports are generated quickly and with less manual work.
Wye Lyn Chin, Legal and Corporate Development at BBP

Aerofiler is fantastic and saving everyone time and money on tracking our contract obligations.
Katie Wood, Legal Counsel and Company Secretary at Amnesty International

Security and Privacy


Will this work with image PDFs?

Yes, we can recognise text if the contract is an image PDF.

Will my data be secure?

Security is paramount. We are ISO 27001 certified and perform regular security testing.

Can I just use a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are inefficient to manage and do not provide any data validation.

How long before I'm setup?

If you have some contracts ready to upload, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Will this work in my country?

We work with clients across a number of continents and can handle contracts in different languages.

What about my files and data?

You can export your files and data at any time in a self-serve manner.