Aerofiler for Sales

Close deals faster by integrating your contracting system with your CRM

Increase the Speed of Business

Automatically synchronise data with your CRM and close deals faster by:

  • Automatically generating routine contracts such as NDAs and Sales Agreements
  • Routing contracts for approvals based on pre-defined rules
  • Generating reports so you know the status of every contract in the pipeline

Maximise Opportunities

Aerofiler enables you to:

  • Automatically track potential upsell opportunities
  • Easily find contractual terms
  • Synchronise data with your CRM to avoid errors and double data entry

“It definitely has made things more organised. Information is more easily accessible – I spend less time going through many folders in my computer and the reports are generated quickly and with less manual work”

Wye Lyn Chin

Legal and Corporate Development at BBP