Work Less, Achieve More

Whether you're using files in folders on a network drive, cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, or a full contract management system, are you getting the most from your documents? Aerofiler can file a mountain of documents in seconds, letting you quickly manage and understand your documents so you can confidently make the right decisions at the right time.

Effortless Filing

Aerofiler automatically checks for duplicates, OCRs, and detects metadata, saving you hours of manual work. Integrations automatically file documents from existing systems that generate documents.

Review & Understand

Find a specific document or set of documents, 10x faster. Ditch tracking metadata in spreadsheets: use the Review workflow to extract information from multiple documents and quickly bulk edit metadata.

Reports & Insights

Track renewal and expiry dates, set reminders, and generate clause reports. Get insightful, quantitative metrics about your business documents.

What Makes Aerofiler Different?

It's Really Fast

Finding and filing documents takes seconds. Data migration has never been easier.

Easy to Use

An intuitive user interface means you can get up to speed with minimal training.

Efficient Workflows

To make you more efficient, we adapt to the way you like to work, not the other way around.

Security is a Priority

Protection of customer data and privacy is paramount, and we built it into our business from day one.


With plans for everyone from startups to enterprises, Aerofiler is able to grow with your business.

Try It Yourself

Try Aerofiler for yourself, without speaking to a salesperson (if you don't want to). Start your free trial today.

Redefine document management for your team

Legal Teams

Reduce manual filing workloads. Take your document management and analysis capabilities to the next level.

Operations & Finance Teams

Be notified of upcoming renewal and expiry dates. Easily audit revenue recognition practices against payment terms in contracts.

IT Teams

Combat SaaS proliferation and maintain one organization-wide, authoritative location for official business documents.

Deal Teams

Streamline due diligence projects and track information about large document sets without unwieldy spreadsheets.