It's 2020, and you'd think the problem of filing and organizing important business documents had been solved... but it hasn't.

Businesses of all sizes are still storing documents the same way they did 20 years ago - thousands of files in hundreds of folders. Whether those files are on a network server, your PC, or in the cloud, it's still the not-so-sophisticated digital equivalent of using physical filing cabinets.

Aerofiler was founded by professionals who experienced the pain of having to manage thousands of electronic documents in the traditional way: The embarrassment of taking days to track down a document for an internal client. The annoyance of dragging every file into its own folder. The time-consuming chore of tracking information about contracts in huge, unwieldy spreadsheets. The tangible cost of accidentally renewing an annual contract because people forgot the renewal date. The distraction of having to teach new employees complicated folder structures and file naming conventions. The crushing burden of a problem that only gets worse with each passing day, as more documents get added to the pile.

We thought there must be a better way, but couldn't find one in the market. That's why we built a document management system that solves for the biggest problems today - taking the chore and work out of organizing documents; doing it cost effectively; and empowering users to unlock the knowledge trapped in files. We focus on saving you time, because a system like this should make you do less work, not more.

Document filing is a first step. Our mission is to help organizations manage, institutionalize, and share their information better, making knowledge more accessible and unlocking insights stored inside documents. By making all of this easy, seamless, and efficient, we believe that teams will be able to work less, yet achieve more.

The Team

The founding team of Aerofiler is composed of three seasoned professionals with legal, engineering, and operations backgrounds. Having worked in legal teams and teams that deal with contracts on a daily basis, we have first hand experience of the challenges that organizations face with managing documents and developed Aerofiler to address that real world problem.


• StartCon Startup of the Year - 2018 APAC Finalist

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