Contract Compliance

Sophos was having challenges identifying and extracting data associated with audits and regulatory events. They implemented Aerofiler to assist with data mining and extraction. Sophos’ legal team saved days of manual labour, enabling them to serve their internal clients faster and better.

“The results are rather dramatic…we’re now able to support some basic and more complex contract searches, data extraction, enabling both legal and business with information to make decisions which previously were not possible.”

Mark Nishihara – Legal Operations Manager


Before engaging with Aerofiler, BBP were using multiple systems that were no longer scaling with the business. They implemented Aerofiler to help scale legal operations. After working with Aerofiler, BBP had a legal operations function that could quickly generate reports to analyse key metrics.

“It definitely has made things more organised. Information is more easily accessible – I spend less time going through many folders in my computer and the reports are generated quickly and with less manual work.”

Wye Lyn Chin – Legal and Corporate Development

Time Saving

Before engaging Aerofiler, Amnesty International Australia were using spreadsheets and hard copy filing. They implemented Aerofiler to replace this filing and spreadsheets. After Aerofiler, they were able to consolidate all their contracts into a single source of truth, reducing search times by 90%.

“Aerofiler is fantastic and saving everyone time and money on tracking our contract obligations.”

Katie Wood – Legal Counsel and Company Secretary

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